MLS Options Task Force Update

The MLS Options Task Force was established to explore merger or other service and cost sharing options with neighboring MLSs.

Based on feedback from LSAR members, the Task Force is negotiating a proposal to the LSAR members on a NorthStar MLS merger.

The Task Force continues to work towards finalizing a proposal for consideration by the LSAR membership.  Updates on their progress is included below.  Once a final proposal is ready, a membership meeting and electronic membership vote will be held.  Should the vote to merge prevail, an MLS merger would be scheduled for Q1 2020.

Resources (Members-Only Login Required):

  • 2019-20 Proposed Dues & Fees Comparison:  The document compares the difference between MLS fees and LSAR Dues as are currently proposed for the 2019-20 fiscal year and proposed MLS fees and LSAR Dues in event of a merger.  Proposed Dues & Fees Comparison
  • NorthStar MLS/LSAR MLS Field Comparison:  This document summarizes the Task Force recommendations on reconciling field differences between the two MLSs.  Please note that the ONLY items on this spreadsheet are where differences exist between the NorthStar MLS and the Lake Superior MLS.  For example, “Price” does not exist on the spreadsheet because there are no differences in this field between the two databases.  NorthStar MLS/Lake Superior MLS Field Comparison
  • August 8th Membership Meeting Playback:  CEO Maranda DeSanto discusses field differences and answers questions in the August 8th meeting.August 8th Meeting Playback
  • MLS Options Comparison Sheet:  Compares differences between all three original options (NorthStar MLS, Northwestern WI MLS, LSAR MLS).  LSAR MLS Options Comparison Sheet

Please send any questions to maranda@LSARealtors or


MLS Options Task Force

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