Some of Your Paragon Tools Have Moved With the New Update! (Where Did My Assume Identity Go?)

Platform Update

Paragon’s New User Menu and Common Questions

We’re introducing a new user menu in 5.73. This change brings all the main user actions into a single drop-down in the top right hand corner of Paragon along with displaying the logged in user along with their agent photo. For those of you who routinely use Assume Identity, this change makes it very clear which identity is being used.

The actions in the menu include (if applicable):

  • Agent Ability to select/change their Paragon photo
  • Assume Identity
  • MLS Switcher
  • Board Switcher
  • Displays the User’s Organization name
  • Displays the Logoff Button

We’ve received a few questions about how it works. Two common questions we’ve been asked are about the log off confirmation screen and the MLS Switcher.


Log Off Confirmation Screen

The log off screen (right) has been eliminated

MLS Switcher

The MLS Switcher functionality will continue to operate as it currently does, and will retain the same format (e.g. displaying as Switch: MLS Name or MLS Switcher). However, it will now be accessed using the user menu.

+ Systems to Switch Between

MLS Switcher-Presents dialog box with list of systems to select

2 Systems to Switch Between

Switch: MLS Name-Automatically toggles between systems


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