Upcoming Supra Ekey Non-Member Access Webinar & Resources

Supra (Ekey) will be conducting two sessions in January for End-User Training with Non-Member Access (NMA)! This webinar will be good for agents who wish to learn how to set up a onetime showing access to a Supra Lockbox associated with their listings. Occasionally buyer reps come from other regions or MLS’s that also use Supra Lockboxes and Ekey’s, and now is your chance to learn how to give them a one-time access code to use in order to conveniently access LSAR Supra Lockboxes. Click on the link below to register for one of two sessions to join!

Tuesday, January 28 10:30 a.m. Central Time 

Thursday, January 30 at 3:00 p.m. Central Time

Supra Ekey Non-Member Access Resource Documents

Non-Member Access Supra Member Quick Ref Guide For Setting Up Non-Member Access 2020

Supra Ekey NMA Non Member Setup Instuction


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Reminder! WB-11 Mandatory Use Date 1/1/20!

The Real Estate Examining Board approved revisions to the WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase form. The optional use date was November 1, 2019, and the mandatory use date was January 1, 2020. A version can be found on the DSPS website at dsps.wi.gov/Documents/BoardCouncils/REB/Forms/WB11202001.pdf. The final form is available on zipForm.

Learn more about the 2020 WB-11 here:  https://www.wra.org/FormsUpdate/

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Sign Up to Opt-in For Future LSAR Personal Agent Rankings (Realtors Only)

Personal Agent Rankings go out bi-annually (midyear and end of year) and if you would like to receive your future LSAR MLS agent rankings, please fill out the opt-in form by clicking on the link below. Rankings are based on “Sold” data from January 1st thru June 30th and January 1st thru December 31st of the corresponding calendar year.

Click Here To Opt-In For Future LSAR Agent Rankings

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Browser Recommendations For Using Paragon

Below are the recommended “Browsers” for using the Paragon MLS website.

It is ‘NOT’ recommended that you use Internet Explorer as Black Knight (Paragon) has stopped supporting Internet Explorer all together, which means that when Paragon comes out with new features and updates to their software, Internet Explorer will not be updated nor will it be supported when it comes to bugs or incompatibilities with Paragons software.

Recommended Internet Browsers Are:

Google Chrome – Quick Link To Download Chrome Browser
Mozilla Firefox – Quick Link To Download FireFox Browser
icrosoft Edge – Quick Link To Download Microsoft Edge Browser
afari – Quick Link To Download Safari Browser (Only Supported By Mac/Apple Users)

Note: If you are in need of any assistance in regards to downloading these Browsers and you are a Realtor member of LSAR, you can contact the LSAR TechHelpline by calling the number below. For all other membership types and affiliates, please reach out to Jason at the LSAR office and he will be more than happy to help!

LSAR Realtor Member TechHelpline Information (You will need your NRDS ID when you call in)



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WLSSD Update

WLSSD Ordinance Update

In June of 2017 the WLSSD passed required revisions to the Ordinance Establishing Standards for Reduction of Inflow & Infiltration which all municipalities connected to the WLSSD system (included below) must follow.  Of particular interest in this update is Section 7.2 which covers lateral lines.  Municipalities can enforce this section either through a point of sale requirement or through an annual inspection program.  Most municipalities have chosen to complete the requirement through point of sale. Municipalities are required to comply with enforcement of this ordinance by February 15, 2020.  While some municipalities have been in compliance for some time, some are still finalizing their ordinances.  A list of municipalities and the current status of their ordinance is below.


Full Ordinance Text:  https://wlssd.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/15K395606-II-Ord.-FINAL.pdf



  • Duluth – Passed, Annual Inspection, (Grants available); Contact Jim Benning – jbenning@duluthmn.Gov
  • Proctor – Passed, Point of Sale effective 1/1/20; Contact Mark Casey -mcasey@proctormn.gov
  • Hermantown – Draft, Likely POS effective 2/15/20, Contact Janice Shepherd – jshepherd@hermantownmn.com
  • Cloquet – Draft, Likely Annual Inspection effective 2/15/20; Contact Caleb Peterson – CPeterson@cloquetmn.gov
  • Carlton – Passed, Point of Sale effective 1/1/20; Contact – carlton@cityofcarlton.com
  • Scanlon – Passed, Point of Sale; Contact – cityclerk@cityofscanlon.com
  • Rice Lake – Passed, Point of Sale and Annual Inspection effective 7/22/2019; Contact – Toni Blomdahl – TBlomdahl@RiceLakeCityMN.com
  • Wrenshall – Passed, Point of Sale effective 1/1/20; Contact Alieca Johnson –  cityofwrenshall@gmail.com
  • Thomson – Draft, Likely Point of Sale 2/15/20; Contact Leah Pykkonen – thomson@cpinternet.com
  • Midway – Passed, Annual Inspection and Point of Sale effective 2/1/20; Contact Jim Aird – jaird@msn.com
  • Twin Lakes – Draft, Annual Inspection & Point of Sale; Contact Sue Chapin –  clerk@twinlakestownship.com
  • Pike Lake Area Wastewater Collection System – Passed, Annual Inspection & Point of Sale effective 1/1/20; Contact Amber Madoll – plawcsclerk@gmail.com
  • Duluth/North Shore Sanitary District – No Inspection requirement (DNSSD owns pipe to the eaves so there is no private lateral); Contact Angie Braud – duluthnssd@gmail.com, Joe Jurewicz – jjurewicz@msa-ps.com
  • Village of Oliver, Wisconsin – Passed, Point of Sale effective 4/30/19; Contact Julie Abraham –  villageofoliver1@gmail.com
  • Knife River-Larsmont Sanitary District – Passed, Point of Sale?; Contact Joe Jurewicz – jjurewicz@msa-ps.com


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Software Survey

Goal:  Improve the Multiple Listing Service!

The MLS has gone through some significant changes and discussion recently and the MLS Management Committee is committed to the LSAR Strategic Plan and utilizing resources and emerging technologies to further member success.  To that end, a survey of potential software products has been created to gather member interest in further exploration.  Responses must be received by February 4th!

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Alert – Be sure to Follow Safety Protocols

There has been a report of a cash buyer claiming to have won the lottery requesting property showings.  Please refer to your office policies on client/customer and showing procedures.

NAR has many resources on staying safe here:  https://www.nar.realtor/safety

Also, be sure to treat all parties the same, under fair housing:  https://www.nar.realtor/fair-housing


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LSAR MLS Rules & Regulations Update

At their meeting on December 17, 2019, the Board of Directors approved a number of changes to the LSAR MLS Rules & Regulations.  A copy of the rules can be found in the “MLS Documents” within the MLS or at https://www.lsarealtors.com/aboutus/association-documents.  A summary of significant changes are included below.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with these rules.  If you have any questions, please contact Maranda DeSanto at (218) 728-5676 or maranda@LSARealtors.com.

  • Relisting Cancelled Properties (Section 1.5) – If a previously listed property is cancelled and relisted within 30 days, you must use the same MLS#. Submit a copy of the new listing agreement to the LSAR office to reactivate.
  • Extended Listings (Section 1.10) – Expired listings must be reactivated under the current MLS#. If the extension is signed on or before the date of expiration but received after it has already expired in the MLS, submit a copy of the extension to the LSAR office to be reactivated.  If the extension is signed after the listing has expired, a new listing agreement is required.
  • Written Affirmation of Offer (Section 2.3) – Cooperating broker can request in writing, and the listing broker must provide, written affirmation stating that the offer has been submitted to the seller, or written notification that the seller has waived the obligation to have the offer presented. This change reflects current Code of Ethics language.
  • Refusal to Sell (Section 3) – If the seller of any listed property filed with the Multiple Listing Service refuses to accept a written offer satisfying the terms and conditions stated in the listing, such fact shall be transmitted immediately to the Service and to all Participants. While this rule was already in place, it was clarified that this information shall be entered into the agent remarks.
  • MLS Waiver (Section 6) – The option of waiving out of MLS fees for licensees who do not use the service was expanded to licensees in a brokerage that only practices commercial real estate. An MLS Waiver may also be requested for users who subscribe to another MLS, users operating outside the Association jurisdiction, medical, or appraisers who do not utilize the service.  Contact the LSAR office if you think any of these may apply to you.
  • Unauthorized Use of Listing Content (Section 9.3) – This is an entirely new section and is worth a read in its entirety. It the procedure to follow if you believe another participant has engaged in the unauthorized use or display of listing content, including photographs, images, audio or video recordings, and virtual tours.  In addition, participants are prohibited from taking legal action against each other without first exhausting all remedies provided in the LSAR MLS Rules & Regulations.
  • Warranty of Listing Content (Section 11) – By the act of submitting any property listing content to the MLS, the participant represents and warrants they are fully authorized to license the property listing content and grants to the MLS license to include the property listing content Listing content includes, but is not limited to, photographs, images, graphics, audio and video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, descriptions, remarks, narratives, pricing information, and other details or information related to the listed property.
  • Orientation (Section 17) – An MLS Orientation course will be required within 60 days for any user. New LSAR Association members will complete this requirement through the New Member Orientation already required of Association members.  However, MLS Only members will now have a requirement to complete a course specifically on the LSAR MLS.
  • IDX Display of Listing Agent (Section 18.3.4) – All listings displayed pursuant to IDX shall identify the listing agent. Previously, our rules only required the listing brokerage so this is a significant change.  If you have an IDX site, you may need to contact your IDX vendor to ensure compliance.
  • Vow Display (Section 19.15) – If you have a VOW, additional prohibited content was added including, the type of listing agreement, instructions or remarks intended for cooperating brokers only, expired and withdrawn listings, compensation offered to other MLS participants, seller’s and occupant’s name(s), phone number(s), or e-mail address(es), instructions or remarks intended for cooperating brokers only, such as those regarding showings or security of listed property.
  • Data Sharing Networks (Section 20) – This is an entirely new section as well and is worth a read. It covers how our data sharing networks are governed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.
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Realtor.com Pro Search Has Replaced The “Find Property Search Resource” In The LSAR MLS (Paragon)

Realtor.com® is very excited to announce that a new professional search experience “realtor.com® Professional Search” has arrived. The NEW realtor.com® Professional Search product replaces your existing Find application.

Using Professional Search, agents can now perform property searches anywhere in the nation with results that are as comprehensive as their own MLS. Real estate professionals are granted an unfettered view of the realtor.com® data sets including active listing data, community and demographic information, school reports, search and activity trends and much more.

You can view the FAQ and How to Videos by clicking on the link below:

Link To Realtor.com Pro Search FAQ and Resources

The quick link from the MLS (Paragon) is located under the Resources Tab and then scroll down to and click on Realtor.com Pro Search (Find)


Refer to the screens shot below on how you can utilize the search feature for Realtor.com Pro Search


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LSAR License Availability In Paragon MLS Agent/Membership Roster Search

Now you have access to MN and WI license numbers within the LSAR MLS (Paragon)!  Users can now view license numbers  on the Agent Roster or through the Agent Information linked in a listing report.  Simply click on the name of a listing or selling agent on any listing report screen and you will see their contact information and license number(s).


Annotation 2019-11-06 120807


Annotation 2019-11-06 121004

Alternatively, you can go to the Membership tab in Paragon, then, Agent Roster or the Membership Roster and fill in your criteria to see the license numbers along side the members information. Refer to the screenshots below to see how this can be done.



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The Minnesota REALTORS® recently became aware that many of our REALTOR® members were allowing their administrative staff to access and use the Minnesota REALTORS® approved forms which was prohibited under the Minnesota REALTORS® Forms Use Policy (“Policy”).
The Minnesota REALTORS® Risk Management Committee and the Executive Committee reviewed the current Policy and determined there is value to our REALTOR® members in allowing administrative staff to access the Minnesota REALTORS® approved forms to assist in tracking transactions and, if they are licensed assistants, to assist in drawing up the contracts.
Therefore, the Risk Management Committee recommended, and the Executive Committee approved, a modification to the Forms Use Policy to allow for administrative staff employed by or affiliated with a REALTOR® member to have access to the Forms for the purpose of providing lawful and permissible assistance related to use of the Forms.
In modifying this Policy to allow administrative staff access to the Forms it is imperative that you are aware of the legal and ethical restrictions and risks associated with unlicensed persons accessing legal contracts.
Unlicensed assistants and unlicensed administrative staff may NOT draw up or assist in drawing up the forms. Doing so would be in violation of Minn. Stat. § 481.02, unauthorized practice of law. Licensed real estate brokers, salespersons, and closing agents are allowed to draw up legal contracts as specifically permitted under Minn. Stat. § 481.02, Subd. 3a.
Also note that each licensed broker is responsible for the acts of any and all of the broker’s salespeople, closing agents, employees, or other persons while acting on the broker’s behalf. (See Minn. Stat. § 82.63, Subd. 3 and 82.82, Subd. 1).
Broker’s, salespersons, or closing agents are prohibited from engaging or authorizing any person, except one licensed per Minn. Stat. § 82, to act as a real estate broker, salesperson, or closing agent on their behalf. Make sure that all licensed activity is being performed by a person properly licensed under Minn. Stat. § 82.
See the Real Estate Assistants section of the Minnesota REALTORS® Desktop Reference Guide for further information regarding assistants.

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Entering Listings for Comp? Remember These Steps

Question:  How do I enter a listing for comparable purposes in the MLS?

Answer:  MLS users are permitted to input listings in the MLS as comparable properties even when the sale itself did not originate out of the MLS.  Examples include when an agent represents a buyer in a FSBO listings, when an agent facilitates a transaction between a buyer and seller who already knew each other, or one-time showing contracts.  While it is not required to input these properties, it is encouraged for the benefit of other MLS Participants and for our market statistics.  There are some steps you will need to ensure you still take in order to input these properties:

  • Get Permission:  Make sure permission to enter the property data is granted in writing from both parties of the transaction.  This may already be part of your contract but double check
  • Enter ALL Required Information:  All required information as with any other listing, is required for a comparable input.  This includes, at a minimum, a main exterior photo of the property and all fields marked with “R.”  Use the correct dates as stated on contracts rather than the day you are entering the listing.
  • Be Generous with Details:  Appraisers often need information beyond the required fields in order to use the properties for comparable purposes.  Please try to gather and enter data such as room dimensions, condition/updates to the property, and additional photos.  Remember, it may lead to additional and unnecessary time calling for information on properties if it’s not entered in the beginning.
  • Inform MLS Office:  If you did not represent the seller, the “FSBO” or “Nonmember” agent/office will need to be entered as the listing office.  MLS staff are the only users able to make this change for you.  Email info@daar.com with the MLS number to make the change.
  • Indicate Comparable Input:  Commonly this has been entered in the agent remarks should also be added under the “Listing Type” field.  You may still receive a warning email for entering a listing past the two-day “listing date” grace period.  MLS staff reviews all of these warnings and looks in the MLS to verify if the listing was input for comparable purpose prior to assessing any fines.

If you have further questions, please contact our office:  (218) 728-5676 or info@daar.com

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Paragon has been receiving quite a number of emails kicked back due to an invalid email address. They have put into place a solution to help eliminate these kickbacks.

If an email is kicked out, the system will automatically “opt out” this email address. The agent who sent the email will receive an email from ParagonMessaging that this email address is opted out. You must enter a valid email address before emails can be sent. Before you contact your client, we recommend you check the spelling of the email address you entered into Paragon.

Your contacts can opt back in at: http://p100.paragonrels.com/paragonsubscriptions/optin.aspx

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